Matsya- 1st Avatar Of Lord Vishnu | Temples and Locations

Matsya Avtar
Matsya Avtar
Matsya Avtar

Hello Readers, Welcome to our Website LordJobsWiki. In this article, we are providing you with information about the First Avatar of Vishnu – The Hindu God.

Matsya Avatar was the first avatar of Vishnu. Matsya was half-fish and half man which means the upper side of the body looks like a human and the rest part of the body was like a fish. It is believed by Hinduism that Vishnu takes many avatars to save humans from demons.

In his Matsya avatar, he saves one of his biggest devotee named Manu and the other creatures of the earth from the cyclone.

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Hindus believe that Lord Vishnu protects humans from demons in every yuga that’s why in Satya yuga he took the avatar of Matsya to save his devotee’s life.

The name of his devotee is Manu. Along with Manu, he also wants to save the other creatures of the earth.

In his first avatar, he wants to save Vedas from Hayagriva(who stole Vedas from Lord Brahma). When Brahma Ji got tired and decides to sleep at that moment Hayagriva took advantage and came out from Brahma’s nose and stole Vedas. After stealing the Vedas, Hayagriva hides them in the depth of the ocean that’s why Vishnu takes this avatar to seek Hayagriva and kill him and save the Vedas for the next yuga.

Matsya Avatar
Affiliation 1st Avatar of Vishnu
Yuga Satya Yuga
Jayanti Chaitra, Shukla Paksha Tritiya
Festival Matsya Jayanti
Weapon Sudarshan Chakra Kaumodaki

Why Hayagriva stole the Vedas

In Hinduism, Vedas matter the most. It is very important for their culture and humanity.

Hayagriva was a demon. He stole Vedas from Lord Brahma.

When Brahma Ji created the next yuga and feels tired from his work, he decided to sleep. Hayagriva took the advantage of that moment and came out from the nose of Brahma Ji to steal the Vedas. He wants to become superior and the only man who knows all the Vedas. Vishnu Ji got the information about stealing the Vedas and was very angry about the situation so he decided to take Matsya Avatar to save the Vedas for the future betterment of Human beings.

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Temple Of Matsya (First Avatar of Vishnu)

There are a few temples of Lord Vishnu’s avatar named Matsya.

It is taken by Vishnu in Satya yuga.

In this article, we are mentioning the name of the temple and the place of the temple.

The list of the temples are as follows:-

  • Shankhodhar Temple
  • Vedanarayana Temple
  • Rajagopala Swami Temple
  • Koneswaram Temple

Shankhodhar Temple (Bet Dwarka)

Shankhodhar Temple
Shankhodhar Temple
Glimpse of Matsya
Glimpse of Matsya

Shankhodhar Temple is very famous in Gujarat. We can also say that this temple is on the list of the biggest temples in Gujarat. The location of this temple is Bet Dwarka, Gujarat.

Vedanarayana Temple

Vedanarayana Temple
Vedanarayana Temple

Vedanarayana temple is situated in Andhra Pradesh. This temple is a very famous temple in Andhra Pradesh. It is basically in Nagarapuram, Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh.

Rajagopalaswamy Temple

Rajagopalaswamy Temple
Rajagopalaswamy Temple
Glimpse of Rajagopalaswamy Temple
A glimpse of Rajagopalaswamy Temple

Rajagopalaswamy Temple is in Mannarkovil, Tamil Nadu. The temple contains 16 Towers, 7 Prakaras, 7 Mandaps, and 9 sacred spring therthas as well. It was first constructed by Kulothunga Chola I.

Koneswaram Temple

Koneswaram Temple
Koneswaram Temple

Koneswaram Temple was in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka but currently, it is fully destroyed.

These are the temples of Matsya – the First Avatar of Vishnu. It is believed that whenever there will be evil things or such things which create a disbalance in Human Nature, Vishnu takes an avatar to neutralize the environment and save creatures from evil.

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