Kurma Avatar – 2nd Avatar Of Vishnu

Kurma Avatar
Kurma Avatar
Kurma Avatar

Hello Readers, Welcome to our website Lordjobswiki. Today we are discussing the topic of the 2nd Avatar Of Vishnu- Kurma.

In Kurma Avatar, Lord Vishnu changed his body into the form of a tortoise.

Kurma avatar was taken by Lord Vishnu in Satya yuga. He took this avatar to help Devs and Asurs(Gods and Demons) while they are churning the ocean for Amrit. When Devs and Asurs decided to churn the ocean for taking the gift. Devs are doing this task to help Indra remove the curse which was given by Mahrishi Durvasa.

Why Lord Vishnu Takes Kurma Avatar?

As we all know that Hindus believe when they are in any problem Lord Vishnu takes an avatar to save them.

Kurma is the second avatar of Vishnu in Satya yuga.

Lord Vishnu takes Kurma avatar to help Devs and Asurs(God and Demons). When Durvasa gives a curse to Indra, then Indra went to Lord Vishnu for help and Vishnu advises him to churn the ocean as churning the ocean is the only option to remove the curse.

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Vishnu told him to take help from Asurs(Demon) for churning the ocean. After that Vishnu gives him two more pieces of advice First he uses Mount Mandara to churn the ocean and second to uses Vasuki as a rope to move Mount Mandara. When they start churning the ocean Mount Mandara goes slowly inside the ocean then Vishnu takes the Kurma avatar as a tortoise for giving support to Mount Mandara as he took it on his back for its stability.

Kurma Avatar Temple

Temple of Kurma Avatar
Temple of Kurma Avatar

There is only one temple available of Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu which is in Andhra Pradesh India. This temple is very famous in Andhra Pradesh. The name of the temple is Kurmanathaswawy Temple. This temple is also known as Kurmanatha temple or Shri Kurmana temple and is located in Shrikurman village, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Thank you for reading the article on Lord Vishnu’s second avatar which is known as Kurma Avatar. If you have any doubt or any queries regarding this article please let us know in the comment section.

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