10 Avatars of Vishnu – Dashavatars – Hindu God

10 Avatars of Vishnu - Dashavatar

Hello, Readers Welcome to our website LordJobsWiki, today we are discussing the topic of 10 Avatars of Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is a very famous God of Hinduism. As per Hinduism, Lord Vishnu is a protector for Indians because they assume that when they are threatened by evil and in any trouble, Lord Vishnu incarnates to save them. When people are in any problem they use to pray to Lord Vishnu to protect them, Vishnu comes on the earth and protects them. These 10 avatars of Vishnu are also known as Dashavatars.

10 Avatars of Vishnu - Dashavatar
10 Avatars of Vishnu – Dashavatar

 10 Avatars Of Vishnu and Yuges

  • Satya Yuge-Matsya(Fish)
  • Satya Yuge-Kurma(Tortoise)
  • Satya Yuge-Varaha(Boar)
  • Satya Yuge-Narasimha(Half-man/half-lion)
  • Treta Yuga-Vamana(Dwarf)
  • Treta Yuga-Parashurama(Warrior With an Axe)
  • Treta Yuga-Ram(Prince/ King Of Ayodhya)
  • Dwapara-Balarama(Philosopher & Guide)
  • Dwapara-Krishna(Philosopher & Guide)
  • Kali Yuga-Kalki(Eternity/White Horse)

First Avatar – Matsya

Matsya Avatar
Matsya Avatar

Matsya is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu who is half fish and half-man.

The upper side of the body is like a human body and the rest part of the body looks like a fish.

It is believed by Hindus that Lord Vishnu took that avatar to save the life of man and the other creatures of the earth from the cyclone.

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Second Avatar – Kurma

Kurma avatar
Kurma avatar

Kurma is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu which is a tortoise.

It is believed by Hindus that when the Devs and the Aasur were churning the ocean for the Amrit then the Vishnu took the Kurma avatar for the stability of the mountain, he took it in his back for its stability.

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Third Avatar – Varaha

Varaha Avatar
Varaha Avatar

Varaha avatar is the third avatar of Lord Vishnu.

In the form of the boar, Lord Vishnu took Varaha’s avatar in Satya yuga.

When Hiranyaksha stole the Earth and hid it in the deep sea, then Vishu took the Varaha avatar to save Goddess Bhudevi.

Varaha killed the evil spirit and recovered the Earth from the sea, lifting it on his tusks, and re-established Bhudevi to her spot in the universe.

Fourth Avatar – Narasimha

Narashimha Avatar
Narasimha Avatar

Narasimha is the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Prahlada, the son of Hiranyakashipu, was the biggest devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Whereas Hiranyakashipu doesn’t admire Lord Vishnu and he always forces his son not to pray Vishnu.

But Prahalada believes in his God and wanted to praise him for the rest of his life.

Then, Hiranyakashipu decided to kill his son.

He challenged him that if there is any God whom he admires, will he be able to come out from the pillar? And if he didn’t, then Hiranyakashipu will kill his son.

So, Prahlada worships Vishnu.

Vishnu took the Narasimha avatar to save the life of Prahlada and killed Hiranyakashipu.

Fifth Avatar – Vamana

Vamana Avatar
Vamana Avatar

Vamana avatar is the fifth avatar of Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu took this avatar to save the earth from the demon Bali who was the very powerful Demon on the earth on treata yuga.

Bali was very religious as when any Vamana visited his house for any help, he never refuses.

That is why Vishnu reached Bali’s house and asked him for three-step land.

Then Bali promises him and Vishnu took the whole earth in his two steps.

Whereas there was no more land or space to put his third step on the universe so Bali offered him to take his third step on his head and when Vamana step on his head, Bali went to Pataal Lok due to the power of Vamana.

So then Vamana offered him to rule the Pataal Lok as he completed his 3 wishes.

Sixth Avatar – Parashurama

Parashurama Avatar
Parashurama Avatar

The sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu is the Parashurama avatar. Lord Vishnu takes the Parashurama avatar to kill the king named Arjun.

Hindus believe Lord Vishnu always takes an avatar to save humans from demons.

Lord Vishnu’s sixth avatar Parashurama always stays on the earth to save humans from demons.

He is one of the Saptarishi to be alive till the end of Kalyuga.

Seventh Avatar – Ram

Ram Avatar
Ram Avatar

Lord Ram is the seventh avatar of Vishnu in Treta Yuga.

Lord Vishnu takes the Ram avatar to kill Ravan and save the humans from Ravan.

Ram was the king of Ayodhya.

In the Ram avatar, Vishnu wants to kill Ravan.

In his time, Lord Shiv also takes an avatar to help Ram in the form of Hanuman to defeat Ravan.

Eighth Avatar – Balarama

Balarama Avatar
Balarama Avatar

Balarama is one of the human avatar from the list of avatars of Vishnu.

In Dwapara yuga, Lord Vishnu takes Balarama to help Krishna to kill Kans Balarama also known as Baladeva, Balabhadra, and Halayudha.

Balarama plays the role of the elder brother of Lord Krishna. Lord Balarama was an elder brother of Lord Krishna and he also helps Krishna in Mahabharat.

Ninth Avatar – Krishna

Karishna Avatar
Krishna Avatar

In Dwapara Yuga Lord Vishnu takes an avatar of Krishna to kill Kans and he also helps Pandavas in Mahabharata.

Lord Krishna is the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudev.

Krishna saved his parents from his maternal uncle Kans who was very cruel towards them as he heard the forecast that Devaki’s Eighth son will kill him and capture his dynasty.

Tenth Avatar – Kalki

Kalki Avatar
Kalki Avatar

Kalki avatar is the last avatar of Lord Vishnu.

At the end of Kaluga, Hindus believed that Lord Vishnu takes an avatar when earth and human are in a problem.

They believe the Kalki avatar is the last avatar of Lord Vishnu, which is about to take end the Kaluga and there is no specific time and date mentioned in Ved Puran for the incarnation of the Kalki Avatar.

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